The Klotho molecule

Prevents the generational aging of fibroblasts

Facilitates the elimination of old structures

Promotes the synthesis of collagen and elastin

Improve synthetic efficiency

Prolonged use of DERMOKLOTHO® products allows you to maintain the integrity and youthfulness of fibroblasts for longer: having at 60 years of age the same number of generations of fibroblasts and the same efficiency that you have at 25 is now a goal that can be reached through a constant and lasting care of your skin.

It is important to underline the difference between a purely cosmetic result, rapid and very temporary, and a treatment that nourishes the skin and supports the physiological activities of the cells that keep it intact. The longer the treatment, the greater the results that can be obtained.

The activity of the special amino acid mixture (MSAA) contained in all the products of the DERMOKLOTHO® line has been tested on human fibroblasts in molecular biology studies conducted at university research centers.

The fibroblast, the cell that works incessantly to keep the skin intact, has very high needs both for energy, which must be spent on working, and for amino acids, which keep its structures efficient. It therefore needs to be fed with the amino acids necessary to complete the collagen synthesis.

These activities are regulated by particular “switches”, called receptors, and the most interesting molecule from this point of view has been called Klotho, like the Greek divinity that decided the length of life. This molecule has receptor activity, but it is also able to produce fragments which in turn transmit messages of extreme importance to the cells that do not have them.

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