A New Skin Curative Concept

For years we have been dealing with scientific research and have dedicated special attention to the cells that build the structures that keep the skin intact and elastic, always efficient. All our products are characterized by a special mixture of amino acids (MSAA), developed over years of research, which allows fibroblasts to eliminate the oldest and most fragile collagen and to replace it with other new and elastic ones, without increasing the number of cellular generations.

This particular mix of amino acids has been tested in molecular biology studies conducted at university centers; feeding on human fibroblasts, studies have shown not only that MSAA increases the physiological synthesis capacity of collagen, elastin and fibronectin, but also that in fibroblasts the anti-oxidant functions are enhanced in the areas of the cell where they are needed, and not where they are useless or even inhibitory for cell renewal and collagen processes.

Regular use of MSAA, always, but especially in conditions of aggression of the skin by the environment (excessive cold or heat, protracted exposure to infrared or ultraviolet rays, air pollution etc.) improves efficiency and life span fibroblasts. The MSAA contained in the products of the DermoKlotho® line therefore has an anti-aging effect, and not only functional to the deposition of collagen in the skin. The longer you use our products, the greater the results, and these will continue and increase over time.

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