• A New Skin Curative Concept


A tool to effectively treat your skin and take care of yourself over time.
All DermoKlotho® products contain a special blend of amino acids with an antioxidant and anti-aging action.

The Klotho molecule

The fibroblast, the cell that works incessantly to keep the skin intact, has very high needs both for energy, which must be spent on working, and for amino acids, which keep its structures efficient.

Prolonged use of DERMOKLOTHO® products allows you to maintain the integrity and youthfulness of fibroblasts for longer: having at 60 years of age the same number of generations of fibroblasts and the same efficiency that you have at 25 is now a goal that can be reached through a constant and lasting care of your skin.

Francesco Saverio Dioguardi

Developer of the special amino acid mixture that is the heart of the science inside all Dermoklotho products, he’s considered one of the top international authorities in the study of metabolism and nutritional therapies.

He’s been an associate professor of Internal Medicine and holder of the Chair of Clinical Nutrition of the Department of Internal Medicine of the University of Milan.

Author of numerous patents in the field of amino acid blends, he is an explorer of metabolism and a lover of biochemistry. He has signed many scientific papers on the subject.

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